mysql-async and postgresql-async 0.2.3 released!

And a newer version of the postgresql-async has finally been released and now the project includes mysql-async, an async client for the MySQL database (you can read a bit more about some of the complications of building the MySQL client at this blog post).

Both clients work almost the same way and they both implement the Connection interface so it should not be that complicated to share implementations as long as you pay attention to the database differences. Both projects now have their own README files, this is the PostgreSQL one and this is the MySQL one.

The PostgreSQL version hasn’t seen a lot of action since I was focused on getting the MySQL client to the same level of funcionality, but there is one new feature, that is the support for Array[Byte] parameters for PostgreSQL 9 and above. Support for older versions is planned for future releases. There were also many bugfixes, including contributions from @fwbrazil, check the CHANGELOG for more details.

The Play 2 + postgresql-async on Heroku example has also been updated with the new renamed classes, give it a go and start using async database access in your apps :)

You can add both projects to your app using the dependencies:

"com.github.mauricio" %% "postgresql-async" % "0.2.3"

Or if you are into MySQL:

"com.github.mauricio" %% "mysql-async" % "0.2.3"

If these dependencies are not showing up at Maven Central by the time you try, you can also use the snapshots from Nexus at version 0.2.3-SNAPSHOT for both drivers.

And it goes without saying that contributions, bug fixes, bug reports, benchmarks, feedback are very much welcome.

Comments or questions? Ping me on Twitter!